The Universal Titanium Prosthesis

One prosthesis Is All You Need


Don`t Think One Prosthesis Can Work For Everyone Think Again

One Prosthesis Can Meet Both Your Total and Partial Prosthesis Needs.

Introducing the new Universal Titanium Prosthesis from Medtronic Xomed. Stiff and lightweight for excellent sound transmission, this biocompatible implant is also malleable enough to fit most patient anatomies.
Other feature include:
Fenestrated head for maximum visibility
Designed for stable fixation on stapes capitulum
Quickly and easily trimmed
Universal design for reduced inventories

The Universal Titanium Prosthesis: a sound choice for you and your patients.

Universal Titanium Prosthesis, Round Head, with Shoe

Universal Titanium Prosthesis, Cam Head , with Shoe


Ossicular Reconstruction Implants

Stapedectomy/Stapedotomy Implants: Pistons


McGee Modified Loop Pistons

Round loop design with closure tab
• One piece, Stainless Steel
• Distal end of piston is contrast-finished to provide a 0.5mm reference zone for depth positioning

Endorsed by T. Manford McGee, M.D., Detroit, MI



Partial Ossicular Reconstruction Implants : Polycel

Sheehy Partial Ossicular Prosthesis (POP) Polycel

Classic Sheehy design is easy to use and position on head of stapes
• POLYCEL is easy to trim with knife or surgical scissors

Round surface of head includes tapered edges to minimize extrusion

Endorsed by James L. Sheehy, M.D., Los Angeles, CA